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As part of the role you will be responsible for the planning, installation, maintenance and secure the company’s production infrastructure, both in the physical assets and in the cloud. Uses leading products in the market, virtualization, segmentation, firewalls, various protocols and open source to ensure quality, reliability, ,life cycle performance and the security of the systems.




-Must – At least 5 years of experience in managing digital infrastructure in a web environment .

-Must – In-depth knowledge of OS as Windows servers &Linuxs Distro ,.

-Must – In-depth knowledge of virtualization systems. Vmware & Cloud Foundation.

-Must – In-depth knowledge in Active Directory, GPO, DNS.

-Must – In-depth knowledge of security such as Firewall,Load Balancer ,XDR ,Micro Segmentation, WAF, API Protection

-Must – Ability to write scripts in various languages, such as, Python, PowerShell , Irule .

-Must – In-depth knowledge of leading cloud services, such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud.

-Must – knowledge of communication protocols , such as TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP/S,network as Arista OS .

-Advantage – knowledge of automation tools, such as Ansible, Jenkins , Chef, Terraform.

-Advantage – knowledge of monitoring tools, such as, Zabbix, Grafana, Kibana .

-Advantage – In-depth knowledge of open source web systems, such as Apache, Nginx, MySQL, MongoDB ,MSsql.

-Understanding of the system life cycle stages: analysis, architecture, design, development, testing, monitoring & alerting, deployment, maintenance.

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