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דרוש/ה דרוש/ה מתכנת בק-אנד ג’וניור (ניסיון – יתרון)

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לפרטים נא לשלוח קו״ח לראפא מסרי  rafie.svt@gmail.com

מס׳ משרה  #278962

סוג משרה  תוכנה

תפקיד  Backend Engineer

We are Looking for

a Junior Back-end Developer

to Join the Team in a Successful Adtech Company

Located in Rehovot


Key responsibilities:


Assistance in developing and maintaining back-end services and APIs that support both internal applications and external customer needs.

Contribute to the design and implementation of data pipelines, including integration of third-party services and support of internal processes.

Help maintain data warehousing, focusing on data storage and retrieval efficiency.

Support high-volume data processing, and help manage the flow of data between different endpoints.

Work closely with senior developers and cross-functional teams to understand business requirements and help translate them into technical applications.

Engage in continuous learning and development, applying new skills and knowledge to improve back-end systems and data handling methods.

Participate in code reviews and collaborate in a team environment to ensure high-quality code and effective development methods.


Skills required:

– An academic degree in computer science, engineering, or other related field – a MUST

– Strong academic experience or background in Python programming, with a passion for back-end development.

– Familiarity with basic API development and understanding their importance in application ecosystems.

– Basic knowledge of SQL concepts and databases, with an eagerness to learn more about large-scale data systems.

– Familiarity or willingness to quickly learn Google Cloud Platform services, especially BigQuery.

– Proactive learner with a strong interest in developing skills in data engineering and back-end development.

– Good communication skills, with the ability to work well in a collaborative team environment.

– Fluent English, written and spoken


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